Why I Love Python Programming (And You Should, Too!)

If you want to learn programming and asking yourself what programming language to start with, I suggest python. Python is a high-level and dynamic programming language that’s very easy to learn (easier than Java and C++). It teaches basic concept that is not required in most other languages, but can make the programmer’s lives easier, like indentation and naming conventions. It also features some support in functional programming and aspect-oriented programming.
It’s easy of use is summarized by the document “The Zen of Python”, which were written around June 1999 by Tim Peters such as:

Beautiful is better than ugly
Explicit is better than implicit
Simple is better than complex
Complex is better than complicated
Readability counts

The main advantage of using python is the ease in writing programs which usually takes 3-5 less time compared when writing code in Java. Python is a typeless language, which allows a programmer  not to declare the data type explicitly. For example, $jpmunoz=143. $jpmunoz will be interpreted as integer, and it will only be a string if 143 is enclosed in double-quote.

Python scripts look beautiful making it easier to read, understand, and comprehend. It follows the guidelines outlined in Code Style, helping you to write a program in fewer line of codes than any other programming language.

It has so many Open-source collaboration that interconnects people with each other easily. It enhances productivity and teamwork in understanding the language and solving simple to complex projects.

There’s also a popular saying “Teach programming in C++ to a kid, and he’d start hating programming. Teach him Python instead, and he’d fall in love with it.”

A little drawback is that it’s slower than most of the pre-compiled languages such as PHP, Ruby and Perl. But its unnoticeable since most of computers today are fast enough to compensate for its slow performance.

Python has a comprehensive and extensive library that eliminates the needs of a third-party package most of the time. Here are some of those libraries and what it can do to help you realize what a python can do when you learn it.

  • NumPy is for researchers and data scientist for scientific computing that can provide some advance math functionalities.
  • Pygame is for game developer. It has set of Python modules that is specifically designed for writing games, and can help you achieve your goal of 2d game development.
  • pyGtk is a free software that lets you to easily create programs with a graphical user interface. Imagine, you can be a software and application developer just by using Python.
  • IPython uses GUI toolkits and has flexible and embeddable interpreters that can be loaded to any projects. It’s also a high performance tool for parallel computing.

Some of the most famous applications are created using Python such as Youtube, Yahoo Groups and Reddit. It can also be used as the scripting language in software products. Some notable softwares that use it are MySQL Workbench, Autodesk Maya and Cinema 4D.

If you want to advance your python skills, you can start reading some github projects like Howdoi, Flask, Diamond, Werkzeug, Requests and Tablib.