engr-jp-munozJp Munoz is currently a Senior IT Project Manager, Licensed Real Estate Broker and Engineer.

He grew up in Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines with an amazing support from friends and family who encouraged his interest in Mathematics and Chess. He represented his school in several Inter-School Math and Chess Competition, and won many gold medals. Being an analytical thinker with deep interest in Mathematics, he then pursues taking up Electronics Engineering.

In his first to third year in college, he became a Deans Lister for five consecutive semesters, and won in several Math and Chess Competition. Engineering is a five year course, and going into 4th year seems to be difficult financially because two of his younger siblings just also graduated from High School (Secondary). He came from a poor family with his father being a tricycle driver earning around (Php 200-250 a day or $4-5 a day). Being the eldest and knowing the importance of education, he felt the need to find a part time job to support his two younger siblings so that the three of them can go to College.

He was introduced by a friend to a Managing Director of an IT Australian Firm. It’s a telecommuting work in an office near his house as the MD is from Australia. All work is project based and IT related with no fix salary, so as long as he completed the task or project he will always have work. But the moment he slack off or cannot deliver with quality on time, it might be over. It’s his par time job from 6pm (after school) up until midnight. This is where he realized the importance of money and hardwork, and where he experience the bitter taste concept “Survival of the Fittest”. As Australians has a very high standard with strict deadlines, and working in an IT field while studying engineering is both nerve-wrecking but rewarding experience.

Learning time is gold, and the importance of money. He became passionate about real estate and a few months after graduation, he also took a 120-hr Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar while reviewing for Engineering Board Exam. Time management, dedication and hard work paid off as he passed two PRC National Board Exam (Real Estate Broker and Electronics Engineering) in two consecutive months (March and April 2013). It boosted his self confidence finding out that he is not just an average learner. In his Real Estate batch, the passing rate is only around 40% (4 out of 10 passed the exam). While in his Engineering batch, the passing rate is around 30% (3 out of 10 passed the exam). He passed both!! It was an extremely difficult experience specially he is reviewing two different concept at the same time. Review time for engineering is 6 months, while 3 months for real estate brokerage.

He currently works as an Engineer in Makati, Philippines during regular working hours (8am to 5pm). His knowledge and experience in IT evolve tremendously and his accumulated skill seems to be in demand internationally. So after his regular working hours, he is still working with his previous client. Getting referrals seems to be inevitable because of the quality projects he successfully finished. He is privileged to be working closely with executives and entrepreneurs from Canada, United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Ireland, United Kingdom and Europe. The work is project based, so he can do it anywhere and anytime as long as it’s done with quality on-time. His two siblings he supported in their studies also graduated on time, and their youngest sibling will also graduate next year March 2017.

Every weekend and after working hours when he has no IT project, he sells high end real estate properties in Laguna and Makati.

Started Blogging

Jp Munoz started blogging on December 2016. He wanted to share his reflections about the books he read, with some technical and business articles that might be of interest to others. He also wanted to create a community (through comment sections) of like-minded people sharing many of the same struggles who can work together to solve some problems they encounter.

He has a huge appetite in learning new things and writing articles in this website can help him to expand his knowledgebase.  As writing involves extensive research and understanding deeper of topics he already knew and concept he would like to specialize. English is his secondary language so if you encounter wrong English structure, feel free to message him.

Other Interests

He is always excited in doing something he is not yet ready to do. He can be in a deep learning mode in 130 hours in the 1st week and can be an extremely new expert in the next week to implement what he had just learned. He loves to take nearly impossible task and projects to impress all his clients.

In addition to his busy career, JP has found time for sports. He understood the importance of exercise in making his brain work better. So aside from being a chess wizard, he also excels in different sports like wakeboarding, basketball, badminton, bowling and tennis. He’s always open playing other sports as it’s also a good way to network with lots of people.

A Message From Jp Munoz

I feel very lucky to start to connect with so many extraordinary people around the world through this blog. Feel free to leave me a message via the contact page, or comment in each of my articles. Whenever I have the chance, I set aside a few minutes to reply. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy reading.


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